Private Digital Currency

Kuvera is money for a privacy-minded world. It’s fast, easy, and secure. With Kuvera, you are your own bank. You can send and receive safely, knowing that others cannot view or track your transactions.

Why Kuvera?


Kuvera is a secure cryptocurrency. No one person or group controls the running of the network.


Kuvera is a private cryptocurrency. Transactions, both sent and recieved are not viewable on the blockchain.

Finite Supply

Kuvera is a finite supply cryptocurrency. There will never be more than 108 million units in existence.

Get Started with Kuvera

Get an Address

Spend & receive Kuvera by getting an address at KuveraPay.com

Get Kuvera

Get your first Kuvera by going to Kuvera.win and instantly winning a random amount.

Spend, Play & Win

Start spending your Kuvera at Keno.today and PlayHighLow.com

Kuvera Blockchain

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User Guides

User Guides to help you get going faster with Kuvera.